I always wondered what the V8 would look like with side pipes, though I was thinking of in front of the rear wheel.


Unfortunately it doesn't look so sweet from the rear


This is what did the damage.   Looks drivable, but wasn't.


This is what simultaneously happened to the front.


And this is what happened in front of me.


The daft old lady (93) was driving in the left hand lane heading towards the hills, as I come up in front of the pack from the lights in the right hand lane, she decides she needs to go the other way and just swings across 3 lanes to get to the cut through to the down road.
I just stopped nicely, the ute behind me didn't What is the use of good brakes, tyres and reflexes when the wally behind messes up? I suspect he was going a bit faster then he should have, but not really an issue.

So, I stopped, then got concertina'd.


The exhaust bucked under the car, when then got effectively bogged on the median strip because the exhaust was dragging too much and the grass/mud slowly settled under the wheels while I was there for over 2 hours :-(

When the tow truck came for the ute, the nice policeman directed him to tow me out of the mud (about 6 feet) then I drove up the road to a safe parking spot to see if I could bend the exhaust a bit.

I had rung home, my wife and son collected my trolley jack and came along, forgot the handle so needed to make another trip.


While waiting, some council workers turned up and we all got to work grunting to bend the pipe up a bit.

Ended up pushing it a bit higher with the jack so the car is now drivable at least.

It's not that visible but there is a nasty bend in the pipe where it swings out to the side instead of straight out the rear.


But it's still a mess at the rear.


Close-up of the front showing that the bonnet doesn't line up properly now.



Interesting, not a single light was damaged, and the bulbs all still work too. The rear plastic bumper handled it pretty well really, guided the ute around the car so there was less impact damage.

The front is a bit scuffed, but has held the shape reasonably well with no cracking.


The little old lady that caused it all, is 93, wasn't hurt, and was well dressed - lives in an expensive local suburb. I thought she was dressed as if she had been out all night - this was a couple of minutes before 7:00am

She even couldn't remember her own phone number, but we eventually managed to get hold of her doctor, who as it happened, had the daughter in law on the other line in a panic because the old lady had been out all night.

Hooking? I doubt it, she had been lost all night... sheesh...

They have tried for a few years to get her to stop driving, to no avail. Hopefully this incident might change that, but with the very elderly it's hard to get them to give their independence up. We suggested to the daughter-in-law to get the crash repairer to take a few years to fix the car just in case.

So now, my beautiful car is damaged, probably never to be the same. Structurally it appears to be fine, but what would I know? However I don't trust crash repairers to do a really good job, or to be able to match the paint properly, and this was a very clean Soarer.

Shat hippens!

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