After I had my new wheels fitted, 17 x 8's, I noticed tram-lining for the first time.  I had a four-wheel alignment done which improved the situation, but since then I have noticed the tram-lining getting worse. "Tramlining" is when the car jumps left or right when hitting bumps, much like when you drive along tram lines set into a road.

Suspecting it was the bushes after reading a lot on the subject, it went onto the to-do list along with other projects e.g. brake pads and hoses.

When I started getting a hard "clunk" turning over some bumps, e.g. turning out of some driveways etc., I escalated the job to the top of the list, started more serious reading on the bushes and booked the car into Kingswood Motor Garage to have things checked out.  (It turned out the clunk had nothing to do with the bushes, it was the sway bar mounts to the chassis)

When we got the car on the hoist, we could see that the lower control arm bushes (left) were showing visible signs of deterioration, though the uppers (right) looked to be OK.

Front Upper Control Arm Bush
Front Lower Control Arm Bush

More pics showing the deterioration of the lower bushes.

After some research, I decided to go for rubber replacement bushes from Andrew Vlamos, the alternative cheaper plastic ones have a harder ride and get noisy after a while, so you need to grease them occasionally, not an easy job.