Oil and Filter Change

It's very important to maintain your beauty, and changing the oil and oil filter every 5000 km (3000 miles) is a must!

For the V8 it can usually be done very easily.

You need:  14 mm socket and handle, oil catch tray (about $5 in most motor shops), replacement filter, 6 litres of oil and an empty milk carton.

If the filter is on too tight, you might also need a filter removal tool.

Have the engine warm so the oil will drain better, but in case you get some hot oil on your hand when removing the drain plug, don't have it too hot.

Lie down next to the drivers side of the car and you can see the sump plug.

Loosen the sump plug with the socket, then place the catch tray under the sump plug.

Carefully remove the plug to let the hot oil out.  Sit the plug on the edge of the catch tray if you didn't drop it into the oil.

You can jack up the passengers side of the car a bit to assist the draining process if you like. When it has pretty much stopped draining, remove the catch tray and replace the plug.  Don't do it up too tight, it isn't under any stress and you have to be able to undo it next time.

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